• -May 2015:
    MicroClimate was interviewed by the excellent art blog Whirligig:

  • -May 8th-June 6th: Current MicroClimate Collective Exhibition

    An exhibition with a fixation upon obsession, including work in a
    variety of genres

    Alter Space Gallery
    1158 Howard Street, San Francisco

    Curated by MicroClimate Collective: Glenna Cole Allee, Victoria Mara Heilweil, and guest curator Claudia Tennyson. MicroClimate Collective is a curatorial project that grew from a conversation between artists sharing the desire to foster local community and creative dialogue. MicroClimate has produced eleven thematic exhibitions over the past six years.

  • MicroClimate Collective

    MicroClimate Collective is an artist-created curatorial project. Currently it is a collaboration between two of its originators, Glenna Cole Allee and Victoria Mara Heilweil, but it has included as many as six artist/curators in the past.

    The collective grew from a conversation between artists sharing a strong desire to initiate and sustain community, and the free exchange of ideas between local artists. For two years, MicroClimate curated one and two night multi-genre arts and performance events, and an artist residency project at Climate. In 2010 the theater moved, and MCC became a free-floating entity.

    MicroClimate Collective seeks to provides context for cross-pollination between diverse circles and genres of artists. Our mission is to foster experimentation and collaboration in an atmosphere free of commercial pressures. We have produced seven shows over the past three years. All the exhibitions have been thematic; our themes mine our own inspirations and anxieties, as embedded within the zeitgeist. Past exhibitions have presented a variety of media, including installation, projection and performance, particularly music and spoken word; typically include 15+ artists.

    In 2012, MicroClimate Collective received a Round V Alternative Exposure grant from Southern Exposure in San Francisco. With funds from this grant MicroClimate produced two thematic exhibitions addressing attention, communication, and temporality in the digital age, and were able to archive these shows with a book and a DVD-with-zine. For more information about MicroClimate Collective please visit www.microclimatecollective.com.